Success Stories

TriCal Group

Spudman has been a great media partner for TriCal Group by helping us to share the value story of Strike Soil Fumigants through integrated editorial programs and innovative media touchpoints. We truly enjoy working with Andrea and the Spudman team. They make the process of advertising so much easier!

- Lauren Roberson, TriCal Group

Certis Biologicals

“Spudman offers excellent integrated editorial programs. Recently, we took advantage of the opportunity to highlight a pest of the month and promote some of our products for treatment of the pest. Andrea and her editorial team made the process so easy for us. The article that was published was comprehensive and truly showcased my client’s expertise and products well.”

- Emily Murphy, Stratagon, Inc.


"Spudman continues to be a great partner to Periscope as they are able to provide omni-channel sponsorships and efficient media tactics that help BASF meet their KPIs."

- Amy Supalla, Periscope


"It is very nice to have people call or email Greentronics after reading an ad or other content about Greentronics in Spudman. After several years of advertising in Spudman, we know this is the right publication for us. It reaches the people we want to connect with. The publication has a sharp focus and great articles."

- Bill Menkveld, Greentronics


"1,4GROUP has exclusively used Spudman for all our marketing needs, advertising, industry surveys, industry feedback, etc. Spudman’s reputation and coverage in the industry started 1,4GROUP’s journey with Spudman and the professional, helpful and friendly staff at Spudman have been a strong factor in 1,4GROUP continuing with this exclusive arrangement. If you think you know what you want, Spudman will help you get what you really need."

- Crawford Smith, 1,4GROUP