Lead Generation Program

No-Risk, Guaranteed Lead Generation Program

Utilize our expansive lists of qualified decision-makers and the expertise of our award-winning team to generate new business for your company.


  1. A number of guaranteed qualified leads is determined
  2. Our SmartSolutions custom marketing department works with you to create engaging content in the form of a white paper, webinar, research study, special report or more
  3. Our team builds an online form for subscribers to access the content, based on your strategic lead qualifiers
  4. A marketing campaign is developed and executed, driving customers to the online form
  5. Leads are emailed on a weekly basis, including all contact information
  6. Once the pre-determined number of qualified leads is reached, the program is completed
  7. No risk – We don’t stop marketing until leads are delivered!


  • Dedicated e-blasts to digital subscribers
  • Sponsored content posted on spudman.com, fruitgrowersnews.com, vegetablegrowersnews.com and/or produceprocessing.net
  • Sponsored content in Spudman, Fruit Growers News, Vegetable Growers News and/or Produce Processing e-newsletters
  • Sponsored social media posts
  • Website ads
  • E-newsletter ads

*Marketing efforts are deployed as needed to reach the pre-determined number of leads

Pricing is contingent on the number of guaranteed leads.